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The nominee must be out of high school for ten (10) years.

The nominee must have graduated from Henry Abbott Technical High School. (Exceptions will be made for special circumstances).

Each Nominee must have significant achievements. These achievements may have taken place at the high school, college, and/or professional levels. These should be on record and verified by copies or news clippings, yearbooks, certificates of awards, etc. Also, documentation of achievements might not exist, especially for older nominees. This should be taken into consideration.

Each nominee must exemplify the principles of craftsmanship, citizenship, character, and professionalism.

Nominees other that tradespersons may also be inducted such as coaches, athletes, support individuals, doctors, teachers, etc.

Any nominee not inducted in any given year may be eligible in ensuing years.

The nominee should be so outstanding that there is no legitimate question about qualifying for the Henry Abbott Technical High School Hall of Fame.

Nomination Committee

There shall be a Nomination Committee appointed and approved by the HOF Board in accordance with the By-Laws.

The Nomination Committee shall consist of five (5) members of the HOF Board including the chairperson.

The nomination Committee shall seek qualified candidates in writing from members of the HOF Board and general public. Henry Abbott Technical High School HOF nomination forms are required for all applicants and all information must be verified by HOF Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee shall undertake whatever research is necessary to evaluate the candidates.

The Nomination Committee shall submit its list of no more than twenty (20) Nominees for induction to the HOF Board at the March quarterly meeting (Refer to Article III. Selection Procedures, B. Voting for Inductees).

Selection Procedures

Number of Inductees:

     Up to ten (10) individuals will be inducted each year with
     no minimum quota.

Voting of Inductees:

     Voting for induction will take place at the HOF Board June
     quarterly meeting.
     Votes cast will be from a pool of candidates TWICE the
     number of inductees for the year.

Inductee Selection:

     To be selected for the induction the nominee(s) must attain 
     a minimum of 75% of those eligible to vote in attendance
     and must attend the HOF dinner (Exceptions will be
     made for special circumstances). 

Voting Eligibility and requirements:

     Members of the HOF Board must have attended 75% of the
     quarterly HOF meetings to be eligible to vote.

     Members of the HOF Board that are nominated for induction are ineligible to vote.

Induction Ceremony 

Induction into the Hall of Fame will be annually at the Hall of Fame dinner to be held at Henry Abbott Technical High School.


A plaque honoring the inductee will be displayed in the Hall of Fame located in the entrance of Henry Abbott Technical High School.

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